Dalita Design

We work personally with our clientele

Dalita Design has been meeting with clients for over 20 years. We recognize the importance of customer service. We meet our client’s demands because we care about each individual’s project.

We create original artwork that will last generations

Our team of visionary artists, designers and fabricators work together in harmony using unsurpassed knowledge and attention to detail to create fine art that our children and grandchildren will appreciate for years to come.

We strive to meet our clientele’s individual vision and exceed their expectations

Dalita Design specializes in making your idea become a reality. Our clients are always satisfied to know they own one-of-a-kind artwork.

We use quality materials combined with generations of design knowledge creating innovative hand fabricated products

In today’s consumer world we acknowledge the fact that most products aren’t built to last. We add a new perspective to comfort and style using the finest leathers and quality metal for a statement piece that is not duplicated.

Steps in the Design & Fabrication Process

Sharing Your Vision & Personal Consultation

  • 01

    Contact Dalita Design with details of your project and we will contact you at our earliest convenience to discuss how we can assist.

  • 02

    Within a short time frame be prepared to meet with our design team to share your vision.

    Dalita Design can work with any reasonable budget.

  • 03

    We will represent a personalized quote with details of the production process.

  • 04

    Our clientele’s input is very important as we begin the design process. Whether you request video or custom interior/exterior design, Dalita Design will be as detailed as possible to make your vision a reality.

Creative Process & Production

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    Dalita Design utilizes our professional knowledge to offer our clientele an anticipated time frame for delivery of the final product.

  • 02

    Dalita Design eliminates the middle man and fabricates each custom design.

  • 03

    Our Production Team will produce and edit your marketing material.

  • 04

    Our clientele will feel comfort knowing their project is in professional and caring hands.